Made in the USA

UPHOLSTERY DETAIL: In an effort to continually improve our products, the tailoring technique is subject to change without notice. All exterior upholstered areas have extra padding. Trim welt is applied when necessary. Otherwise nail head trim is used, which is hand applied. All fabric patterns are centered and matched. All back pillows and throw pillows are inner bagged and hand filled with a faux down / fiber mix. The seat and hand deck is hand sewn to the spring unit underneath.

FABRICS: All fabrics we use are carefully selected for style, color, texture, content and application. However, we are not liable for wear, fading, stretching, or soiling of fabrics. Every effort is taken to choose fabrics best suited for application and wear on upholstered furniture.

LEATHERS: Leather is a natural material. The natural characteristics of leather are visible. Each hide is unique and contains its own signatures of individuality. Color variations will occur from hide to hide and on each hide itself. Healed scars, hair follicles, color variations, insect bites, natural wrinkles and branding marks are considered the natural characteristics of leather products and assure the product's authenticity.

All leathers sold by Austin Ranch Furniture are hand picked of imported top grain aniline drum-dyed leather. The beauty of this dye process is the LACK of uniformity (rich and wonderfully varied). The dye DOES NOT color all sections of the hide uniformly due to the tissue (or cell) structure. For example, the neck may be a bit lighter or darker than the butt. The rib and fat wrinkles may be outlined in a slightly darker cast. You can expect some color and shade variations along with pronounced natural markings. It is important for the customer to recognize that, as artist craftsmen, we reserve the right to apply each hide as we deem suiting for the piece ordered. For our hair-on-hide furniture, we hand select the individual hides so that colors and patterns give us an authentic Old West look.

Whether the items are as shown on this website or custom-made, we reserve the right to determine aesthetic placement of the hide on each piece to make it special for you! Our goal is to give you unique furniture heirlooms that will be treasured for generations to come.

FRAME CONSTRUCTION: Austin Ranch Furniture frames are made with kiln-dried hardwoods at their East Texas plant. With the exception of carved and wood exposed frames, all parts are made in house - carved and wood exposed frames are imported. Our frames are assembled by hand with all major joints double doweled. All parts are glued and stapled together. Lag screws and fitted corner blocks are added for support.

STAINING INFORMATION: All the exposed wood sections of our carved wood frames AND the tooled leather portions of our western furniture can be custom stained. If you have specific color requirements, we are happy to work with you. You can even send us a picture of what you are trying to do. Or, if you prefer, let us pick the stains to bring out the natural leather colors. It is often aesthetically pleasing to have different stain colors for the carved wood and tooled leather sections. To ensure the long term flexibility of tooled leathers when stained, we apply an acrylic overcoat and then hand wax them.

Austin Ranch® reserves the right to make slight design and upholstery technique changes without notice.  However, these changes will not change the quality or look of the overall product.

Bev McDowell 13 March at 6:44 am

Beautiful Work!!! I see why Jennifer buys your products!