Beautiful distress leather with hand stitching in a crisscross design.  Add a faux turquoise Concho to give this pillow a finishing touch.  Back is faux suede.  A hand blown faux down and fiber fill is enclosed in a cotton zipper bag. 

This pillow can be produced with a left and a right for a symmetrical look in your room.

Hand made in our facility in Texas!

SIZE  20 X 20


PRICE  $225


Leather is a natural material.  The natural characteristics of leather are visible.  Each hide is unique and contains its own signatures of individuality.  Color variations will occur from hide to hide and on each hide itself.  Healed scars, hair follicles, color variations, insect bites, natural wrinkles and branding marks are considered the natural characteristics of leather products and assure the product’s authenticity.